In a time where Technology has rapidly marked its territory in the Business world, there has been a very strong imprint on the revolution they are making in the lives of end consumers.

For example “Amazon”, where you are one click away from purchasing any consumer article and having it delivered at your doorstep. Ola Cabs Service which has transformed the entire fleet of Taxi Service Providers to being available at your request solving customer issues like Parking, Taxi Availability, Variable Fares and so much more.

Our age has been a witness to each commercial sector being eaten up by the seeds of evolution at every step. Evidently, India is a land of opportunities where innovation and growth will never be scarce. On that note I would like to bring forth to you one of the most flourishing yet unorganised sector of India “Road Transportation & Logistics”.
The Logistics Sector is full of Entrepreneurs from different backgrounds trying to enhance on road logistics solutions through e-commerce portals. Call it the need of the hour!!

  •  The Companies as a customer face grievances due to haphazard co-ordinations & a daily threat of loss of goods during transport.
  • Unsatisfied Truck Owners who are struggling at every step to transact a successful deal.
  • The Truck Driver who is “breaking a sweat” every day by risking his life & living a profession of disrespect.

I am certainly not here to list out the problems to you, but instead give you a one stop solution.

“Care is better than Cure”

And so there are several portals online to provide you with the right care at the right time , one of the renowned solutions is the portal “Logistics Junction”
To know more Simply log on to to experience for the first time ever simple & efficient transportation transactions.


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